•  We are working to develop grants in three major areas

    • stem cell technology

    • monitoring device to measure blood calcium levels

    • pump technology

In January of 2018 we brought together world thought leaders and scientists in the hypoparathyroidism world. Since then, we have been working with the UPENN Orphan Disease center to field research requests and determine the best science to back.

Preliminarily, we are circling the world of stem cells, hardware for pumps and calcium level at home meters. This is just the beginning and we hope to share more soon about the teams we have in place.

Our FIRST push into research


Partnered in bringing hypopara leaders TOGETHER


The Hypopara Research Foundation partnered with University of Pennsylvania’s Orphan Disease Center to organize a think tank bringing together big pharmaceutical companies, world leaders in this disciple but also thought leaders and scientists in fields.

See who attended.


This was a unique opportunity. The Orphan Disease Center was fundamental in hand selected top tier scientists together. In a conference room in Boston, professional and creative ideas wove together to share ideas and present to one another like never before in the hypopara world. This was an opportunity to give doctors, researchers and pharma companies to have space to speak freely.

With limited time and money, it was our hope that a nugget of an idea would be born. We want to find the line between scientific discovery and practical solutions that can change the world of hypopara.